Natural vanillin: the universal solution for cost-competitiveness & clean label


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Consumers around the world are asking more & more for clean label and authenticity in packaged foods. Following an extended survey along the worldwide food value chain, Solvay confirms that developing affordable natural solutions is one of the main challenges of the Industry.

How to manage properly such a challenge, allying performance, taste & cost control? Especially in the case of the beloved vanilla taste, when vanilla bean is so expensive?

Let’s deep dive into our vanillin case study: learn more about natural vanillin, its applications and how to comply with flavour legislations. Come & discover opportunities to develop new products with a clean labels claim.


Corinne Duffy Corinne Duffy Technical Marketing Manager
Solvay Aroma Performance

Corine Cochennec Corine Cochennec Customer Technical Support
Solvay Aroma Performance

Mike Tan Mike Tan Business Manager
Solvay Aroma Performance

Maud Joassard Maud Joassard Operational Marketing Manager
Solvay Aroma Performance